CEO “My company should have failed”

Denny K Miu is the CEO of Gigamon Systems, a 2 year old technology company. In his extremely honest post about Why Startups Fail he takes a look at the turbulent times that he was building and leading his small business. He speaks very frankly about his potential shortcomings as a CEO.

It turns out that in a startup, it is not about making the right decision but about making the decision right. In other words, it is about the CEO truly accepting the awesome responsibility of being the ultimate “Decider” while refusing the temptation of being a dictator.

The author talks extensively about the dynamic in his startup, but I wish he focused a bit more on the lucky breaks or determination to overcome certain obstacles.



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2 responses to “CEO “My company should have failed”

  1. Thank you for your comment. In some way, it was a difficult article to write because I am still too close to the action and I cannot say too much without explicit permissions from my business partners.

    Hopefully in the days to come, I can share more of my “personal” experience with your readers. I suppose it suffices to say that it takes a lot of perseverance and determination. And most of time, it is still not enough. But then sometimes as it is with Gigamon, the pieces do fall into place like magic.

    There are a lot of things that we can control in a startup and we do the best we can to maximize our chance of success with the cards that we are dealed with. But there are a lot more that we cannot control and luck has a lot to do with how those elements come together.

    Good luck to everyone.


    Denny K Miu

  2. It’s tough having a blog and not saying too much or too little. You really have to respect the people in the position to tell the unabridged stories and speak their mind at all times.

    Glad to hear of Gigamon’s success. I think that magic always plays a part in successful businesses. It just takes skill to take advantage when the maice is ready to happen.

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