Long Tail + On Demand

We are huge fans of Seth (isn’t everyone) so we’ll link to his site and his articles often. His writing style, philosophy and the volume of his output align very well with what we are trying to do at ShelfMade.net. We kind of stole our idea from Small is the New Big.

Today Seth talks about Sweet Spots in marketing – the product built for the masses that the big guys, NYT and Oprah, want to talk about. I think what he is really talking about are the not so sweet spots, after all the sweet spot is a very small part of the tennis racket. What if we are not in that spot?

Bloggers around the world are discovering that it’s cheaper and faster and more effective to build their own media channel than it is to waste time arguing with the old ones.

When you are not in the sweet spot, you’re in the long tail. The great news in 2007 is that as long as people can find you, and you are doing/saying/selling something worthwhile, you don’t need to be in the sweet spot.



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2 responses to “Long Tail + On Demand

  1. If you’re saying something worthwhile at this very moment, you are in the sweet spot. The long tail applies more to when your idea is caught on and begins to spread.

  2. Hey JD,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I think the long tail just means that your product isn’t in the top 10 (or top 40 for that matter). Even a website or an album that sells 1 or 2 units a day is in the long tail – although word really isn’t spreading too quickly.

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