Best Article You’ll Ever Read and Not Understand

Being a web entrepreneur, yet not a hacker, is a bit of a strange place. I’d have to imagine it would be comparable to training to be an astronaut. I know that I’m heading into a certain direction, the rules will have changed, but it cannot simply be explained to you. And moving in that direction, you’re constantly obsessed with the unknown.

It’s in that mind frame that I am posting a great article from Joel on Software. Joel presents a (would seem to be strong) case for an Ajax standard helping to make a tremendous fortune for a developer and changing the web for everyone.

Whether you are a programmer or not the article is worth reading. At least stick around until he talks about Google and Paul Graham’s Ramen noodles.

But then, while you’re sitting on your googlechair in the googleplex sipping googleccinos and feeling smuggy smug smug smug, new versions of the browsers come out…

Cheers, be sure to let us know if you understand the article. Check out YC News for additional comments.


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