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10 Life Changing Articles

The theme of this blog is to highlight Internet articles worth saving and sharing. We’re starting off strong with a great article by from Life Reboot by Shaun Boyd. ShelfMade is all about great articles and in this post Shaun talks about 10 articles that changed his life, I assume for the better.

The #1 article is hard to disagree with, Steve Jobs Commencement Address at Stanford 2005. Shaun tells us why the article is important to him.

For teaching me to stop attributing value to unimportant things, and start trusting my instincts. Before reading Jobs’ speech, I was working a job I hated because it was really the only thing I ever tried. It was what I knew. Jobs says “You’ve got to find what you love.” His article helped me realize that I was wasting my life living someone else’s dream. If I settled for someone else’s dream, I’d grow old and die without ever seeking my own.

Many entrepreneurs can relate to the desire not to work for someone else. Shaun points us to Steve Pavlina’s 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job.

For teaching me that working for other people is stupid. Self-employment using passive income is the best way to earn money without trading away life’s freedoms. In other words, Steve helped me understand it’s possible to be “Happily Jobless.”

Shaun echoes the ideas behind

Everyone has their own “gems of the Internet” just waiting to be discovered.Think about it. Life-altering advice exists online. Advice to help you get out of debt, leave a dead-end relationship, or whatever type of self-improvement you can possibly imagine. All you need to do is consciously seek it out.

We hope ShelfMade can help.


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